Catalogs + Texts
Hermine Ford, catalog text for New York Studio School exhibition, Oct 2019
Jane Corrigan, press release text for GAA Gallery Provincetown, July 2019
Anna Glantz, catalog text for PAGE NYC, Nov 2018
Nora Griffin: Modern Love, featuring Q & A with Peter Gallo, Louis B. James, 2016
Eleanor Ray, catalog essay for Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, 2015
Ruth Root, catalog essay for Dartmouth College Exhibition, 2014
Alpha Donut: The Selected Shorter Works of Matvei Yankelevich, (United Artists Books, 2012)
Mark Dagley, catalog for MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY 2008
Kate Manheim, catalog for CUE Art Foundation, NY 2008
Lenore Malen, catalog for CUE Art Foundation, NY 2007

Art in America
Yevgeniya Baras at Nicelle Beauchene, Dec 2016
Emily Mae Smith at Laurel Gitlen, Nov 2015
Jim Lee at Nicelle Beauchene, May 2015
Jane Corrigan at Kerry Schuss, Dec 2014
Greg Parma Smith at David Lewis, Nov 2014
Matt Connors at CANADA, Sept 2014
Dale Henry at Pioneer Works, April 2014
Scott Reeder at Lisa Cooley, Feb 2014

The Brooklyn Rail
Richard Tuttle at PACE, July/Aug 2016
Philip Guston: Burning the Midnight Oil, June 2016
Mary Weatherford at Brennan & Griffin, July/Aug 2015
Clare Grill at Zieher Smith & Horton, May 2015
Tomer Aluf at Kansas, Oct 2014
Cora Cohen: The Responsibility of Forms, March 2013
Entre Chien et Loup at Kent Gallery, Oct 2008
Ruth Root at Andrew Kreps, March 2008
Llyn Foulkes at Kent Gallery, Sept 2007
Leonard Michaels: To Live in a Culture, July/Aug 2007
Stephanie Campos at Anna Kustera, May 2007
Milan Kundera: Life is Short, Reading is Long, April 2007
Marcel Cohen: In Search of a Lost Ladino (trans. Raphael Rubinstein), April 2006
Studio A: The Bob Dylan Reader, Jan 2006

Keegan Monaghan at On Stellar Rays, Sept 2016
The Forever Now at MoMA: Roundtable Dialogue, Feb 2015
Reinventing Abstraction: New York Painting in the 1980s at Cheim & Read, Sept 2013
Conspicuous Unusable at Miguel Abreu, Aug 2013
Giosetta Fioroni at the Drawing Center, May 2013
Lucio Fontana at Gagosian, July 2012
Francesca DiMattio at Salon 94, March 2009
Tensegrity at Klaus von Nichtssagend, Aug 2008

Red Telephone at FIERMAN NYC, Jan 11-Feb 16, 2020
Fool's House LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, 2010 Essay for Fool's House